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Quake 2


Released in 1997, Quake 2 (or Quake II) by Id Software was the first multiplayer game to natively support plug-in player models. Id software has a long history of cultivating end user modifiable content, but Quake 2 was the turning point, and of course the genesis for Polycount itself in its initial iteration as the Q2PMP.

About PPM's(plug-in player models/player plug-in models)

The information here is written for vanilla quake 2. If you are using an updated q2 engine the information might not be correct.

Player models are stored in the baseq2/players/*modelName* directory.

A player model consists of three types of files. .md2 contains the mesh and vertex animations, .pcx contains the textures and .wav contains the sound effects.

Certain files are needed for a model to work:

Additional skin textures can be added by including including another skinName.pcx and skinName_i.pcx file.

Sound effects can be added to your PPM by the files:

If you wanted to add VWep support you need to include the following files.(If you are using the original weapon models you do not need to include the skin (.pcx) files. You can just link to the skin textures in the pak0.pak archive by using NST.) All of the extra weapon .md2's need to be animated like the default weapon.md2.

If you want the VWep to support all the offical addons to Quake 2 you will need to also include:

Limitations of the file formats

Limitations of the .md2 model format.

Limitations of the .pcx skin format

Limitations of the Quake 2 .wav format

PPM statistic information

OOTB PPM information

OOTB Weapon model information

Custom player model information

Custom Weapon model information



Animation List

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