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[DIFF] 12:32 Info EricChadwick UV Unwrapping Best Practice Factors & Priorities
[DIFF] 18:40 Info EricChadwick [1-2] #01 fixed Epic
#02 Game Art Tricks
[DIFF] 16:06 Info EricChadwick Floating Geometry Overview
[DIFF] 15:27 Info EricChadwick game art ref
[DIFF] 14:27 Info EricChadwick link fixes
[DIFF] 13:25 Info EricChadwick "How much to charge client?" thread
[DIFF] 19:01 Info EricChadwick branches.ws is gone, added archive link for treed
[DIFF] 11:56 Info EricChadwick restoring image example
[DIFF] 20:13 Info EricChadwick swizzling not channel-packing
[DIFF] 13:56 Info EricChadwick [1-2] #01 [PBR] Physically Based Rendering Bible - Polycount Forum, summary
#02 Physically Based Rendering in Substance - YouTube
[DIFF] 13:38 Info EricChadwick psMaskSync
[DIFF] 22:34 Info EricChadwick [1-3] #01 redirect Swizzle to ChannelPacking
#02 Marcan-MassEffect3-s wizzle
#03 Upload of attachment 'Marcan-MassEffect3- swizzle.jpg'.
[DIFF] 22:34 Info EricChadwick [1-3] #01 Compression Artifacts
#02 channel-packing
#03 Renamed from 'Swizzle'. better term than swizzling
[DIFF] 22:27 Info EricChadwick [[ChannelPacking|cha nnel packing]]
[DIFF] 22:26 Info EricChadwick [[ChannelPacking|cha nnel packing]]
[DIFF] 13:54 Info EricChadwick PBR moved
[DIFF] 23:32 Info AndrewMaximov


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