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About animation for games.

Animation Theory

Animation Tutorials


Rigging, or skinning, refers to the act of weighting a polygon mesh to a skeleton for the purposes of animation. The "mesh" is the skin, and it is stuck to the "bones" of the animation rig, which form a skeleton that can then be manipulated by an Animator to pose and animate the character.

The skeleton rig can be a complex structure and is usually recreated to fit the unique requirements of each job. It is usually created by a Technical Artist or an Animator.

Skinning has also been used to refer to painting a color map texture for a 3D mesh, but this term is deprecated and hasn't really survived past the Quake 3 era.

Free Rigs

Motion Capture

Sources for free motion capture (mocap).

Blogs, Podcasts, Etc.

Must Read Books

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