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= Category Reference =
Reference imagery on a variety of topics.
== Game Art Reference ==
* [[:Category:ReferenceGameArt|Game Art Examples List]]: game art dumps on the Polycount forum.
* [[:Category:ReferenceConcept|Game Art Concepts]]
* [http://level-design.org/referencedb/ Level Design Reference Database]: a searchable collection of game screenshots with assigned tags that describe the images’ content.
* [http://gameartportfoliowall.com/ Game Art Portfolio Wall]: game artist portfolios
* [http://deadendthrills.com/index/ Dead End Thrills]: game screenshots artfully composed, plus interviews.
== Forum Reference Threads ==
* [http://www.polycount.com/forum/showthread.php?t=34320 The Reference Thread] on the Polycount forums
* [http://www.game-artist.net/forums/support-tech-discussion/4379-reference-thread.html Reference Thread] on the Game Artist Forums
== Search Tools ==
* [http://images.google.com Google Image Search]
* [http://www.bing.com/images Bing Image Search]
* [http://flickr.com/search/advanced/ Flickr Image Search]
* [http://images.search.yahoo.com/images/advanced?ei=UTF-8 Yahoo Image Search]
* [http://www.altavista.com/image/ AltaVista Image Search]
* [http://search.lycos.com/?tab=multi&cat=images Lycos Image Search]
* [http://commons.wikimedia.org/ Wikimedia Commons]
* [[:Category:ReferenceAnimation]] for motion reference links
== Reverse Image Search ==
Search for images similar to a source image.
* [http://www.google.com/insidesearch/features/images/searchbyimage.html Google Similar Images]
* [http://www.revimg.net/ RevIMG] - search within specific subjects: flags, famous paintings, symbols, monuments, etc.
* [http://www.tineye.com/ TinEye] - reverse image search
* [http://new.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/ WhatTheFont] - reverse image search for fonts
== Texture Sites ==
* [http://www.cgtextures.com cgtextures.com] Free up to a daily limit, subscription fee thereafter.
* [http://www.imageafter.com/ imageafter.com] Free.
* [http://www.mayang.com/textures/ mayang.com] Free up to a daily limit.
* [http://www.lemog.fr/lemog_textures/index.php lemog.fr] Free. Most are tiled.
* [http://free-textures.got3d.com/index.html free-textures.got3d.com] Free for a subset of the whole library, the rest available for a fee.
* [http://www.newtek.com/freestuff/ newtek.com/freestuff] Free but rights-limited. Requires registration.
* [http://www.texturewarehouse.com/gallery/index.php texturewarehouse.com] Free but rights-limited.
* [http://www.art.net/~jeremy/photo/public_texture_frameset.html /~jeremy/photo/public] Free.
* [http://www.environment-textures.com/ environment-textures.com] Subscription fee required. Part of the 3d.sk family.
== Pages in This Category ==

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