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Links and pages about the basics of concept drawing and painting.

Painting Fundamentals

Ctrlpaint.png ctrl+Paint - Digital Painting Simplified - by Matt Kohr "Working in the game industry under tight deadlines forced me to come up with a dependable Photoshop workflow. Ctrl+Paint is my attempt to organize these findings into clear, concise videos to share with the community."

2dtut thumbwar.png THUMB WAR : Design Iteration Combat Simulation - by Paul Richards Concept art fundamentals.

2dtut psgarttutorial.png PSG Art Tutorial - by Arne Niklas Jansson Painting fundamentals.

2dtut babelab.png Babe Lab : Pinup Research & Development by Paul Richards and others Female caricature painting tips.

2dtut FengZhu.png Feng Zhu's Youtube Channel teaches the fundamentals of concept design, and professional practices for a working concept artist.


2dtut elementsofperspective.png Elements of Perspective - by Bruce MacEvoy Perspective in depth.

2dtut ScottRobertson.jpg
Fundamental perspective, drawing and concepts tutorials by industrial and teaching veteran Scott Robertson.


2dtut jihoon1.jpg improving readability in composition #01, by Ji Hoon.

2dtut composition.jpg The Ultimate Guide to Composition, an excellent 2-part tutorial about photographic composition.

2dtut pushpull.jpg PUSH & PULL - The art of guiding players through an environment, by Clément Melendez.

2dtut composition101.png Composition-101 thread from the Polycount forums Links to tutorials about Composition.

2dtut solarski.jpg The Aesthetics of Game Art and Game Design - by Chris Solarski An examination of the psychology of shapes and dynamic composition, applying techniques of the Old Masters to create more varied and emotionally meaningful gaming experiences.

2dtut charchar.jpg The Secret Law of Page Harmony by Alexander Ross Charchar Explanation of harmonious composition.

Color Theory

2d ColorTheory worqx.jpg Color Theory Overview - by Janet Lynn (Ford) Shallbetter.

2dtut tulp.jpg Using the Gamut mask - by Wouter Tulp How to create and use a gamut mask, which help you define a range of harmonious colors for your concept palette.

2dtut paintingwithlightanddark.png Understanding 3D Form on Paper by Ron Lemen Understanding form via light and dark.

Painting Books

More Information

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