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When working by yourself it is generally more difficult to keep a steady income, but the flexibility can be very rewarding.

Questions for the Client

Get the information you need when you start a project.

  1. Software (i.e. Maya 2012, 3DSMAX 2013)
  2. Polycount (i.e. 1500 tris)
  3. Texture count, sizes, and type (i.e. 3 512x512 textures, head+upper body+lower body, diff+norm+spec)
  4. Sculpt required, or is Crazybump\nDo okay?
  5. Target engine ( UDK, Unity, etc.)
  6. Target screen resolution (in general but especially for mobile)
  7. Player perspective (FPS, third person, top-down iso)
  8. Timeframe (2wks, 4wks, ?)
  9. Concept or reference given?
  10. Sample asset provided? (art style, quality level, tech specs)
  11. Complexity? (complex rig, animatable parts, per-pixel painting, etc. can increase the time needed)
  12. Deliverables? (i.e. finished .MA file with texture flats in TGA format, plus layered PSDs)

Don't forget to use a contract!

Art Tests

Advice on art tests:

Freelance Rates

The following numbers are averages, posted by Polycount members. All numbers are in USD unless stated otherwise.

Freelancer Type US Day Rate US Hourly Overseas Day Rate Overseas Hourly
Individual contractor $300/day * $37.50/hr * $250 - 375/day $31.25 - 47/hr
Low-end art studio $350/day $43.75/hr $140 - 180/day $17.50 - 22.50/hr
Average art studio $500/day $62.50/hr $200/day $25/hr
High-end art studio $800/day ** $100/hr ** $300/day $37.50/hr

<<Anchor(IndividualContractor)>>* Individual contractors in the US range from $275 - 500/day ($34.50 - 62.50/hr).<
> <<Anchor(HighEndArtStudio)>>** These rates are for rare high-end boutique studios.

Time Estimates

From the Polycount forum thread Info: going rate for 1,500 tri model+texture.


Legal & Taxes

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