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! all links/emails need to be checked.

! Gwot's tuts and links Terminator model needs link. try [../../../myweb/models/terminator.htm Terminator]

General Tutorials

  • 3D Exploration: How to Display Textures by Skindom
  • The subject of this baby is the 3D Exploration program and its use when displaying textures. Also included are some tips on showing models that don't have textures to display.
  • ASC Exporter Plugin by rogue13
  • Instructs on the use of the ASC exporter for getting Max models into Q2 Modeler for skin generation and compiling to MD2 format.
  • dhabih eng's tutorials by dhabih eng
  • He's got a few nice trips down through his process for producing computer art with a Wacom tablet and Photoshop. I'd link it directly but he's running frames. look around, you'll find lots of good stuff anyways.
  • Alcor's Clever Ways by Alcor
  • Some great tips from one of our very own, the author of Hellspawn, Witchblade, and the Mask. An absolute plethora of information on all manner of stuff, from skinning, to modeling to animating. Highly recommended.
  • GWOT's Tutorials and Links
  • The author of the Terminator model has compiled a set of tutorials that he's made as well as a set of link to different links around the community. Definitely worth a look around if you're looking for info on getting started. He's also pretty competent in 3D Studio MAX and can answer questions from newbies on that program
  • Basic Texture Mapping in MAX 2.x by [[1]] from the [http:\\chemical.valveworld.com Chemical Existence] TC
  • Discusses basic issues of texture mapping using the standard UV tools inside of MAX.
  • Character Studio basics by [Steed] part two
  • This is a pair of tutorials on the basics of Character Studio's two parts, Biped and Physique. If you're looking to learn this plugin for MAX and don't have the manual [cough] for some reason, this is going to be your single best source tutorial for using it in the realm of player models.
  • FvFWorld's MAX Skinning Tutorial by FvFWorld
  • Those of you messing around with Max and need to learn how to get those lovely texture maps on your model properly will want to check this out. The tutorial isn't the end all of skinning methods, but this will get you there nicely if you have no clue to any other way.
  • Model Skinning in Max 2.x by casManG
  • A pretty straightforward tutorial on skinning a model in MAX. This is sort of outdated by MAX 3, but the principles still work if you find you like this better.
  • Walk cycle animation basics by [Steed]
  • A basic and succinct tutorial on making a walk cycle for a character.
  • Exporting the Model by Jon "shine" Jones
  • A quick description to get your model from the 3D environment into..er.. another 3D environment, but in the second one you can kill it so it's much higher in the cool points.
  • Introduction to Lightwave by Jon "shine" Jones
  • A very direct tutorial relating to Lightwave. Lots of tips and information...nothing all that complex or involved, but still a pile of valuable information.
  • Polygon Reduction by Jon "shine" Jones
  • This one goes through a high polygon count gun and shows some basic ideas and steps on deleting completely unused polygons and reducing polygon detail in areas that its just not needed. A nice tutorial for all new modelers for the concepts, not just for Lightwave users anymore.
  • Setting up bones and IK in Lightwave, Part 1 by Jon "shine" Jones
  • IK isn't covered in this first part, but setting up a character with bones is. So if you're lookin' for Lightwave help, then check this one out and don't hesitate to check out all of shine's previous tutorials while you're at it!
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