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What Is Technical Art?

Technical Artists help Artists and Designers get their content into the game with the least pain possible, and help Engineers and Artists communicate fluidly.

Technical Artists must know what a healthy art pipeline "looks like" and must help make sure that content creators have the tools & support necessary to do their jobs.

Technical Art Skills

There are many roles in Technical Art. The skills of Technical Artists vary widely from studio to studio; they often specialize in a particular subset. The most common task is writing tools for the artists in their teams.





Tech Artist - What are you working on: FOREVER Edition!

Visual Effects

Tech-Artists.Org Wiki Conversion

The Tech-Artists.Org administrators are interested in moving their wiki content into the Polycount wiki. Their wiki has suffered from a lack of updated content, and has frequently been attacked by spam.

Unfortunately the two wikis use different markup syntax. Theirs uses MediaWiki syntax, ours uses MoinMoin syntax. There is one converter from MediaWiki into MoinMoin, and there are a few conversion scripts that go in the opposite direction.

We would be very appreciative if someone could help with this!


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