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A diffusely convolved cube map is simply a blurred-down version of a regular cube map. When a shader adds the cube map to the model's diffuse map the result is similar to global-illumination, except it is extremely efficient performance-wise.

The convolved cube map on a normalmapped model.
The convolved cube map on a normalmapped model.
Images by Eric Chadwick.


"Lys is an ultra-fast GPU powered solution that sets the standard for generating Radiance, Irradiance and Specular textures from panoramic, Sphere or 2d cube map cross source textures for use with HDR Image Based Lighting."

AMD Cubemapgen

Some tips for filtering cubemaps in Cubemapgen. Image by Eric Chadwick.

Cubemapgen Cube Faces

Cubemapgen 3ds Max Maya CryENGINE 3 Unity
+X _RT Left -X
-X _LF Right +X
+Y _UP Top +Y
-Y _DN Bottom -Y
+Z _BK Front (+Z)
-Z _FR Back (-Z)
Cubemapgen 3ds Max Maya CryENGINE 3 Unity
c00 Left -X (180°)
c01 Right +X (180°)
c02 Top +Y
c03 Bottom -Y
c04 Back -Z (180°)
c05 Front +Z (180°)

Cubemapgen Custom Meshes

Custom geometry in Cubemapgen.
Basemap is modulated (multiplied) with the cube map.
Images by Eric Chadwick.]]

You can load your own geometry in Cubemapgen using the Load Object button, really helps to see what settings are working well.

You can also load a bitmap for the model using the Load Basemap button. There's a bug right now that causes your Basemap to be mirrored vertically... to fix it pre-flip the bitmap yourself before loading it in Cubemapgen. An Ambient occlusion map map makes a great Basemap, or you can use your Diffuse map.

Editing Cubemaps in Photoshop

If your cube map is in DDS cube format, you'll need the NVIDIA DDS plugin to load and save in Photoshop.

More Information

  • Cubemaps Tutorial by CGTextures.com - Tutorial using Nvidia's Photoshop plugin, AMD's CubeMapGen, and Photoshop to convert cubemaps to various layouts.

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