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Examples of good shoulder Topology.

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Topology Examples

Topo shoulder-hippydrome.gif
Articulation - Modeling and Theory topology examples.
Image by Brian Tindall, Character Technical Director at Pixar.

Topo shoulder-williamson.png
Topology Review: Shoulder video tutorial. More of his topology tutorials here.
Image by Jonathan Williamson.

Topo Buzzy-ogre.jpg
"Here's the topology I've developed that I use for chest, back, and shoulder deformation ... It's built primarily for good deformation, but its a bear to unwrap."
Image by 'Buzzy'.

PiorOberson shoulder-compare.jpg
Muscle-contour (1) vs. bendy-straw (2).
Image by Pior 'pior' Oberson.

BenMathis shoulder deform.jpg
Image by Ben 'poopinmymouth' Mathis.

Claydough FrontShoulderLoops.JPG Claydough FrontShoulderLoopsClavUp.JPG
Bendy straw, edge flow hybrid solution
Images by 'claydough'.
Claydough BackShoulderLoops.JPG Claydough BackShoulderLoopsClavUp.JPG
Arm raised above the reference pose using a clavicle rather than shoulder rotation.
Images by 'claydough'.

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