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gauss (Jack Monahan) is a freelance concept artist who has been a part of the Polycount community for many years. He was the chief architect of this wiki, under the guidance of Rogue13 and the other powers that be at Polycount. Since graduating in 2004 from Notre Dame, gauss bides his time doing freelance contract work, traveling, and probably spending too much time in #model_design and on projects like this wiki.

Nickname Origin

gauss takes his name from the 19th century mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss. The irony of taking this particular namesake is that gauss is extremely poor at math.

He originally chose this as an alternative nickname when first joining the Polycount forums/IRC chat, for fear that he would damage the reputation of his prefered online persona by committing some horrible faux pas. Somehow, he kept his wits about him and gauss stayed gauss, and to this day he wonders how different things might be if he had gone with a different online handle.


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