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There's a ton of great Artists doing gumroad tutorials these days. Here's a list to get started. Feel free to post others that you know of (Some of these fit into multiple categories. I'll do the best I can) and I'll add them.


Color Constructor by Murry Lancashire

The CountDown LevelUp Timer


James Gurney

Natasha Tan

Randy Gallegos

Peter Chan

Kristy Kay


Ryan Lang

Pixel Art

Max Gon

Dominique Hendricks


Henrique Lopes

Tito Belgrave

Rafael Grassetti

David Lesperance

Dominic Qwek

Ben Mauro

Kirill Chepizhko

Bryan Wynia

Kurt Papstein

Bruce Conners

Oleg Vdovenko

Frank Tzeng

Mathias Zamęcki

Cezar Brandao

Josh P Crockett

Lance Wilkinson

Jerry Perkins

Matt Thorup

Martin Punchev

Justin Goby Fields

Peter Zoppi

Shane Olson

Dead Panic Studios

Nick Miller

Salim Ljabli

Isaac Oster

Alexander Delagrange

Katon Callaway

Vaughan Ling

Claudio Setti

Carlos Fuentes

Dusk Thirteen

Michael Knowland

Ryan Kingslien

Philipp Schmidt

Rohan Dalvi

Chung Kan

Nick Rutledge

Glauco Longhi

Jose Cua

Gavin Goulden

Erik Jakobsen

Tarkan Sarim

Jesse Sandifer

Alami Khalil


Peter Konig

Jeffrey Ian Wilson

Hunter Rosenberg

Chris Rosewarne

Pierre Benjamin

Warren Marshall

Tor Frick

Francois Klose

Mikkel Frandsen

Jim Vikström


Yriy Romanyk

Dmytrenko Igor

Oscar Perez Ayala

Mark Van Haitsma

Excessive Zero

Thiago Klafke

Amit Kolay

Michael Pavlovich

Concept Art

Alexandre Diboine

Cam Sykes

John J. Park

Anthony Jones

Eytan Zana

Victor Mosquera

John Sweeney

Darek Zabrocki

Neil Blevins

Richard Lyons

Matt Dixon

Charlie Bowater

Maciej Kuciara

Eric Ryan


Andrey Ryabovichev

Jonas De Ro

Nick Gindraux

Dan Luvisi

James Zapata

Jan Urschel

Jason Scheier

Dave Rapoza

James Paick

David Lojaya

Nick Hiatt

Emily Hare

Tyler Edlin

Jama Jurabaev

Michal Kus

Frank Hong

Marco Nelor

Alex Ruiz

Paul Kwon

Espen Olsen Sætervik

David Levy

Konstantin Maystrenko

Daniel Jin Suk Park

Paul Scott Canavan

Kalen Chock

Mark Molnar

Natasha Tan

Marek Okon

Adam Duff

Trent Kaniuga

Trevor Claxton

Rad Sechrist

Alex Negrea

Michael Yamada and Victoria Ying

David Colman

Glenn Rane

Chris Legaspi

Tony Leonard

Yohann Schepacz

Jason Seiler

Mike 'Daarken' Lim

Brainstorm School

Johannes Voss


One Pixel Brush

Mike Azevedo

Titus Lunter

Redhead Robot

Melanie Maier

Miles Johnston

David Ferreira

Lu Dongjun

Alexey Grishin

Chris Rosewarne

Justin Pichetrungsi

Matthew Zikry

Serg Souleiman

Mike Hill

Sakimi Chan

John Wallin Liberto

Noah Bradley

Brandon Liao

Camila Vielmond

Yuri Shwedoff

Adrian Majkrzak

Edon Guraziu

Foundation Patreon

Jomaro Kindred

Lorin Wood

Marius Bota

Roger Adams

Timothy Rodriguez

Marcel Domke

Devin Platts

Tony Leonard

Wanja Svasek


Eli Maffei

Iacocca Khen


Ryan Hawkins/VERTEX

Will Terrell

Clint Cearley

Brett Bean

Tally Marks

Mike Corriero

Chris E. O'Neill

Natalie Nourigat

Omar Doğan

Mark Molnar

Stéphane Richard

Photoshop Brushes

Kyle T Webster

Maxim Verehin


Louis Van Driessche

Igor Vitkovskiy SHIA BRUSHES!! DO IT!

Stefan Blandin

Clip Paint & Manga Studio Brushes

Paolo Limoncelli


Ben Nadler

Kelvin Tan

Paweł Łyczkowski

Hiten Mistry

Jerod Bogh

Yuri Alexander

Joost Vanhoutte

Zeno Pelgrims

Ann Batte

Christophe Desse

Thiago Vidotto

Juan Jimenez

Tim Bergholz

Jeff Parrott



Karen Stanley

Nicolas Kirsch

Kyle Horwood

Jacob Norris

Stefan Blandin

ZBrush Brushes/Alphas

Jonas Ronnegard

Gerardo Castellanos

Michael Dunnam:


James Lucas

Image Reference Packs

Alexander House


Renee Robyn

Tom Lopez

Travis Davids

Andrew Wing Simpson

Mathilde Calon

Hector Mateo

Little Pink Pebble


Chris Stone

Finn Spencer


Jimmy Livefjord


Ahmad Merheb

Francois Klose

More Information

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