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Hair for in-game rendering can be a tough beast to master. Alpha blending is usually required to get soft feathery edges, but can cause sorting problems. Lighting can also be difficult, so hair is usually rendered using an emissive shader (without any lighting at all). If the hair is being lit, options include bent vertex normals, normal mapping, and anisotropic mapping.

Hair Technique Links

Hair Technique Examples

Fluffy fur used for this helmet.
Polycount Forum thread Fur breakdown.
Image by Joost Vanhoutte.

Hair allods-online harpy.jpg Hair allods-online elite-mount.jpg
The Harpy and Elite Mount characters from Allods Online. Images by Astrum Nival.

Hair udn-gow2-shaded.jpg Hair udn-gow2-wire.jpg Hair udn-gow2-ingame.jpg
The hair setup for Dominic Santiago in Gears of War 2, on PC/Xbox360. More pics here, words here]. Images by Epic Games.

Hair ffx-yuna-wires.jpg Hair ffx-yuna-tex.jpg
Yuna from Final Fantasy X, on PS2. Images by Square Enix.

Hair ff13-wires.png Hair ff13-shaded.png Hair ff13-ps3-720p.jpg
Hair from Final Fantasy 13, on PS3. Images by Square Enix Screengrab from the PS3 running at 720p. The hair may be using screen-space stipple. Images by Square Enix.

Hair tekken6-alisa-ingame.jpg Hair tekken6-alisa-wires.png
Alisa Bosconovitch from Tekken 6, on PS3. Images by Namco Bandai Games

Hair varga-long.jpg Hair varga-afro.jpg
Varga from Dominance War II, in-depth tutorial. Images by Paul Tosca.

Hair squirrely-jones-pandicarus-beauty.jpg Hair squirrely-jones-pandicarus-tex.jpg
Pandicarus from Dominance War III, fur technique explained File:Squirrelyjones fur.pdf and here in the Polycount thread. Images by Mike 'Squirrely Jones' Voeller.

Hair sotc-ingame.jpg Hair sotc-wires.jpg
Hair from "Shadow of the Colossus" using the "fins & shells" technique, on PS2. Images from the "making of" article, in Japanese, and File:Making of sotc.pdf (PDF). Images by Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc..

Jfalconer furball2.jpg Jfalconer fur texture.gif Jfalconer fur examples.jpg
Breakdowns of the "fins & shells" technique explained in this CGTalk thread. Images by Jason Falconer.

Hair uncharted2-drake-wires.jpg
Hair uncharted2-drake.jpg
Drake from "Uncharted 2: Among Thieves", on PS3. Maya wireframe (top), in-game screenshots (bottom). Images by Rich Diamant.
Hair uncharted2-chloe-wires.jpg
Hair uncharted2-chloe.jpg
Chloe from "Uncharted 2: Among Thieves", on PS3. Maya wireframe (top), in-game screenshots (bottom). Images by Rich Diamant.

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