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Model Presentation

Topics about rendering models for your Portfolio or on the forum in 3D Art Showcase & Critiques.

High-Poly Models

Modelmat fudge.png Rendering a Sculpture - by Mike Fudge. Lighting, material, and rendering setup in Maya.

Modelmat volchik.png High Poly Material Rendering Tutorial - by Artem "X-Convict" Volchik. Double-specular material setup in 3ds Max. Discussion and examples here in Polycount.

Modelmat gullotti.png MR materials for 3ds Max - by Enrico "SyncViewS" Gullotti. mental ray materials for 3ds Max, including dark shiny, light wireframe, and dark wireframe. File:MR PresentationMat

Modelmat engineeringdraper.png Engineering Material - by Pete Draper. Outline and cross-hatching render setup, using the Ink and Paint material in 3ds Max.

Low-Poly Models

Low-poly models are usually best presented as screenshots from a game engine, or from your modeling app's viewport using shaders.

Modelmat lowpolychallenge.png Low Poly Challenge STYLE GUIDE Polycount Forum thread. Turning off anti-aliasing & filtering, instructions for many software packages.

Currentnextgengamematerialrendering jameshall.jpg
Current/Nextgen Game Material Rendering by James Hall. Lighting a normal-mapped model using 2-point lighting and ambient occlusion.
3dsmax-viewport-dof oberson.jpg
Depth of field in the 3ds Max viewport by Pior "pior" Oberson. Using real-time depth of field, plus antialiased wireframes, in 3ds Max.
3dsmax-viewport-baked-shadows oberson.jpg
Baked shadow maps in the 3ds Max viewport by Pior "pior" Oberson. Self-shadowing can be easily baked in 3ds Max. However baking can be avoided in version 2009 onwards because Max now supports real-time dynamic shadowing in the viewport.

Modelmat udk.png Setting up UDK for portfolio renders? thread on Polycount. Helpful tips about using UDK to create nice screenshots of your models. See also this post from Lamont about capturing animation from UDK.

Screenshots & Presentation Help/Thread of Knowledge thread on Polycount. Tips for creating high-quality screenshots in UDK.

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