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(2006) The who did what and who does what listing plus exciting and interesting email links. I can tell you're excited already. Read on adventurous viewer.

The Site Team

rogue13 - Webmaster and owner of the leadership matrix here at the site. He can smooze and talk circles around a fire hydrant. Enjoys the occasional intoxicant. Tries to indulge in modeling and animating when he can, thanks to the site, not often enough. In real life he's an architect, but no, he doesn't do levels.

Wrath - Meshsmith supreme. He works by day as a modeler for Sunstorm Interactive, that means he's a gaming professional, and as a modeler for himself by night, that makes him happy. Busy as hell, but happy.

Hunter - General purpose worker on the site. He's teaching himself modeling, animating and skinning and has a love for the community that is unequaled. He loves you and your little model too.

Shado Kat - King of the spreadsheet. Mr. Kat was THE man behind converting the massive database of reviews and info pages for the models here in the site. He's even a modeler as well. But to prove that he's human, he allows himself to be side tracked and redirected at a high frequency. He's so giving.

Rikki Knight - King of Transformers models. One of the first hosted sites we had and is always involved in the newest trend in the modeling community. He's so trendy. He's our Half-Life model master as well.

Jon 'Shine' Jones - the 15 year old whiz kid. He's a modeler/animator with some skinning abilities all rolled up into what looks amazingly like a Pokemon. He deals mostly with giving us first impressions on the models as they come in for the info pages for the new models. Don't let his age get in the way, he's got more quality work behind him than a lot of modelers.

SpaceDog - General worker on the site. Desperately trying to learn programming, modeling, skinning, the facts of life all at the same time in school. His head is set to explode at a predetermined capacity so don't stand too close if he's working.

Bearkub - Late night news worker. He works in a server room late on the 3rd shift. He's rather interested in the entire gaming scene and helps out by catching the late shift on general news in the community.

The Accessory Skin Grunt Team

Massive Bitch - One of the leaders for the site's accessories. You got issues or questions on skins, sounds, or viewable weapons for player models, then he's your bitch. He came from his own site to the q2pmp as Lead Slave for a while. He's been promoted to Lead Skin Slave. He loves the add-ons and even gets in a little modeling action from time to time when he's un-busy.

Soul Reaper - Our very own Reaper 'o Souls, helps to bring you the very latest in skins technology. At least, he helps to do that when he's not engrossed with something to do with Sailor Moon. (He's a bit obsessed you know)

Kythkin - Semi-dedicated out of work Quake3:Arena Skin Grunt. Master of the Q3:A accessory submissions - If you submit it to him it'd better be good ;)

SchwimmelPuckel - Professional graphic artist by day / polycount Q3:A skin Commander by night. This Danish skinner will be using his keen eyes to review our latest skin submissions. Enough of this - grab a berliner and click on something!

Arco - Arco is new on the skinning scene and has already made a name for himself on polycount with skinning efforts such as the grim skin for SUW Captain. Q3:A brought him into the skinnin' realm and subsequently to the Accessory Team and we're tickled-pink to have 'im on the team.

Sniper 1 - Flight control software engineer for fighter jets by day / Skin Grunt by night. He stumbled onto polycount after Quake3:Arena came out & has been a modeling/skinning freak ever since. Real life keeps him busy, but there always room for Q-U-A-K-E.

Kirin - Coming from the year 2030, he's usually a night worker. He's working on Q3 modeling and learning the basics about 3D Studio MAX at the same time. He loves to make skins and also takes care of a beautiful faerie-filled garden in the back yard ... (even though in the year 2047, it's going to be replaced with a large Arena for fragging and the such ... oh well). At least the Quake3 Engine will still be there ... at least that's what he thinks.

Cygnus - As co-director of the Sactown Smackdown LAN party, he once downloaded (on a 28.8 modem no less) every model the old Q2PMP had (around 300 at the time) and planted them all on their Quake 2 server. Now that's love. As an electronics engineer in real life he has a wicked eye for detail and the curse of being a perfectionist. He likes good, creative, detailed work, so show him what you've got.

Dukester - The Grunt is a CNC Punch programmer who lives just outside dallas. He likes to exclusively skin the fem models and someday hopes to learn how to use PaintShopPro properly. "What's a layer?" You can find him in the evenings on Mplayer.com drinkin' his Coors Lite ;)

Redlemons - Red's a high school student in Australia. He's been playing PC games since he was knee-high to a grasshopper, and intends to keep playing until he dies, or id Software falls apart. Whichever comes first.

Astro Zombie - He's a Former G.I. and Gulf War Veteran and is presently a 3D animation student at The Art Institute International of Portland. He's done some work for a local start-up game company on a game that will probably never see the light of day and is currently a "kept man" as his wife supports the both of them while he focuses on school and prepare his demo reel.

Arya - Is the court jester but can be smart at certain times. She has a wild attitude and learns fast. She'll eventually absorb the information and, if you're unlucky, she'll use it against you. Otherwise, she's just as nice as anyone else, and quite a moral person despite her position as a jester. She hangs around various pubs and bbs'es.

Ken - is a graphic designer who works in multimedia and spends his days building corporate CD ROMS and web sites. He's a good technician, a repressed artist and can turn out a mean Q3A skin on occasion.

Geo - A woman of untold beauty. This is literally true, noone's ever told about it. You might visit her website to learn more, but steel yourself ! - She'll try to scare you away!

Folks Who Helped Make polycount A Reality

Mix - web designer for Game Spy Industries. Came in and laid out all the initial html and design.

Chris Longden - techie for Game Spy Industries. Laid the work on the massive database and got the site's tech working properly. The guy is a genius.

Stupid Fool - innocently asked if there was anything he could do to help and was sucked into hours of tedious copy and pasting.

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