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Lightwave Tutorials

[tutorials/Shine_Tut01.shtml Exporting the Model] by Jon "shine" Jones

 A quick description to get your model from the 3D environment into..er.. another 3D environment, but in the second one you can kill it so it's much higher in the cool points.

[tutorials/Shine_Tut02.shtml Introduction to Lightwave] by Jon "shine" Jones

 A very direct tutorial relating to Lightwave.  Lots of tips and information...nothing all that complex or involved, but still a pile of valuable information.

[tutorials/Shine_Tut03/PolyReduce.shtml Polygon Reduction] by Jon "shine" Jones

 This one goes through a high polygon count gun and shows some basic ideas and steps on deleting completely unused polygons and reducing polygon detail in areas that its just not needed.  A nice tutorial for all new modelers for the concepts, not just for Lightwave users anymore.

[tutorials/Shine_Tut04/Making%20a%20Head.shtml Modeling A Head] by Jon "shine" Jones

 Just when you thought you were about to bust from all the LW knowledge you now have, Shine come along with a pin to pop ya with another nice tutorial for you.  The title pretty much says it all.

[tutorials/Shine_Tut05/Setup%20Bones%20Part1.shtml Setting up bones and IK in Lightwave, Part 1] by Jon "shine" Jones

 IK isn't covered in this first part, but setting up a character with bones is. So if you're lookin' for Lightwave help, then check this one out and don't hesitate to check out all of shine's previous tutorials while you're at it!
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