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You have a bunch of high powered weapons, and you run from room to room killing anything that moves. That's the gist of Quake2. But that's ok because most of use enjoy the online death matching, which is why we do models in the first place, more.

[tools.shtml Tools]

A variety of utilities to help you get through the night on your modeling efforts for Q2.

[tutorials.shtml Tutorials]

You want to see how to do any aspect of Q2 modeling, we got the goods and some links too.

[q2frameslist.shtml Frames List]

It's not quite a tools, and it's definitely not a tutorial, so the frames list for Quake2 player models gets its own section. If you want to pursue Quake2 player models, you will need this chart to be able to arrange your frames correctly.

[FAQ.shtml FAQ]

Got the number one question of Q2 player models answered as well as links to a couple more FAQs.

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