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PreFabs model

Similar to the "Alx_Prefabs" these are a small collection of Primative shapes for use in creating various model meshes. It is not a model in the sense that you can play with them in game, but more for the purpose of learning to create basic shapes when learning to model. These shapes are somewhat more complex then they need to be (I will probably put together another set with others and maybe basic body parts too, arms, hands, torsos, etc) and can be optimized for your wn specific uses. The "spheres" are not Geo-spheres so they have a higher polycount than they should (Geo-spheres are much more efficient and I guess I just didnt think of including one (all the more reason for me to create another group too)) Basically there are two files. One file comes as one .md2 file with all the shapes included and the other is in .AQM (Q2Modeler) format. All you need to do is open or import the file to your modeling program and utilize the shapes you need, or cut, paste and save each to its own file.

        Other Info :  Technically these primatives were created in Qme and exported to .md2         format and converted to .AQM format too, but if you happen to use these in creating your         own model, a nice mention in a read-me is sorta cool..  If you can think of other         useful prefab shapes, send an e-mail to Hunter,         and don't forget to check out Big         Rockets prefabs too..

Stay tuned for more Prefabs.. soon... such as various body parts and generic forms for use in humanoid models.. any suggestions ????

Enjoy the Pre-fabs, they should be very useful for those using bare bones programs that don't offer primitive shape creation automatically.


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