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Custom VWEP

by Nemesis

What you will need

3DS MAX 1.2 or 2.

MDL model editor and asc exporter for 3DS MAX

and this handy little zip I made for you: vwepfile.zip

Step One: Importing weapons into MAX

First open up your Model that you created in 3DS MAX. Then import all the 3ds files that I included in the zip. If you already had a weapon from before that was animated then the best thing to do is to position and scale the models you just imported at the first frame. Then link the new weapons to the old weapon. This will make them follow the movement of your old weapon. Don't know how to link them? Use the link button!

Step Two: Exporting weapons from MAX

Now you will need to go into the Utilities section of MAX and use the ascii exporter. First make sure you time frame is set for frames 0 - 172 or like I have 1 - 173 (this is cause there are no animation’s for weapons when you die). Then click ascii object output click the "pick object" button and select a weapon. You will be prompted to name the output, What I did was create a folder for each weapon and named each weapon according to its proper name. Example: w_rlauncher.asc in the w_rlauncher folder.

Your computer will now make 173 asc files of that weapon model into that folder. Repeat these steps for each of the weapons.

Step Three: Importing weapons into MDL

OK open up MDL. The open up the sshotgun.md2 that I included in the zip. Notice that there is only one frame, I deleted all the other frames for you so you better thank me. OK now click File/Import/Import append frames. You will then be prompted to select your sshotgun.asc files. It is important for you to do this right: select sshotgun173.asc first then while holding shift select sshotgun001.asc, all the sshotgun files should be highlighted now so click OK. If you don’t select the files like this then the order gets screwed up (maybe he fixed this in new version but I don't know).

Now that you have imported all these files you can delete that first frame that was there before. Don't delete this frame before you import your frames or else you will get some errors because you have 0 frames. Now click File/export/export to md2 and save you model in the same directory as you model's tris.md2 using its proper name e.g.: sshotgun.md2. You will then be asked to chose a skin, if you have unpacked the models and skins from the vwep pack file then you just have to point to them. If you haven't unpacked the vwep zip then go unpack it you fool! What? you don't have an unpacker OK go here: Adquedit

You should now have a nice perfect sshotgun.md2 that works perfectly with your model. Do those last steps for the rest of the weapons and frag me baby.

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