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Weapon Skin Linking

by rogue13

A lot of beginning modelers have a problem with correctly linking the weapon model's skin to the weapon. This creates the nasty "nullskin" warning one or two of you may have seen before. So with that in mind I've written a tutorial on this arduous task. This will work for any model with the requirements listed and should be easy enough that any user can fix any model that they have problems with.

This only works for Quake2 models and will work for any model that has its skins not in a PAK file. Usually the weapon and its skin are in the player model directory and tutorial follows this assumption.

  1. Open the weapon model in q2pmp/dev central1/tools.htm NST, and pull down the Skins' menu. From here D'elete/Close the current skin. You may have to do this a couple of times until the model goes black and the Skins listing is blank.
  2. Now under the File menu go to Save As and save on top of the weapon model under the proper directory.
  3. Close q2pmp/dev central1/tools.htm NST and reopen it. [this is just to be completely sure that everything is fine]
  4. Manually reopen the model even if it loaded automatically, again just to be sure.
  5. Under the Skins menu select the weapon's skin under the Open command.
  6. Now you should be seeing the skin correctly. Under the Skins menu go to Link and re-pick the exact same skin. It is now linked correctly.
  7. Under the File menu, do another Save As on top of the model again and you should be gold. If you close q2pmp/dev central1/tools.htm NST and reopen it, NST should automatically reload the skin.
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