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How to Bake a Flawless Normal Map in 3ds Max <
> is a great overall introduction to normalmapping, but there are a few corrections to make:

(5:42) Object-space maps CAN be mirrored using special shaders, but requires specific support for the feature which is not too common. (why)

(6:10) Mirroring isn't always flawless (why)

(6:45) 90 degree angles aren't always bad since he's using a projection cage instead of a distance-based raycast, however hard surface/mechanical models generally require smoothing and UV splits at sharp angles unless the tangent basis is synced between baking program and renderer. There was no mention of the tangent-basis issue as the tutorial was created before the topic was common among artists. (why) (why)

(9:39) In-game vertex count for a hard-edged model is not more than a bevelled model (why)

(11:00) UVs have some overlapping seams, no mention of edge padding issues or designing your model for normal mapping. (why)


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