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Plugins and tools for use with Photoshop.

Interface Tweaks

Tool Author Description
Color Picker Shortcut In Photoshop CS3 and CS4 Mathias Scheutz Allows you to set up a hotkey for the Color Picker in CS3/CS4 (CS5 supports it natively).
Custom Flash Panels Zoltan Erdokovy Two Flash-based UI panels for CS4 that aggregate commonly-used functions into icons and buttons.
Painter's Wheel HSV Color Picker for Photoshop CS4+ Len White A Flash widget that customizes the color picker into a Painter-style color wheel.
PS CS5: The Undo/Layer Dance Will 'sinistergfx' Fuller Undo can cause the wrong layer to be edited by accident, because it stores the action of switching between layers as another Undo step. The script prevents this from occurring.
Tools#Tablet_Utilities (various) Wiki list of tweaks for tablets and Cintiqs.

Actions, Filters, Scripts

Tool Author Cost Description
CP_Offset_ByHalf Chris 'radiancef0rge' Perrella Free Script does a quick offset by detecting texture resolution and offsetting by half. Animated GIFs in his post in Tech Artist - What are you working on: FOREVER Edition! on the Polycount Forum. More scripts on his website Radiance Forge - Tools.
Free Seamless Textures Generator v2 The Orange Box Free Texture tiling tools. "Tile" function uses Offset with a custom radial gradient. "Mirror" function scales the image fifty percent and mirrors it into four quadrants. Both are non-destructive.
Layer Cake Travis "TooLzor" Evashkevich Free Four tools: Offset selected layers, with options. Repeat last offset. Preview tiling. Seamless blurring. See the Polycount Forum thread (Photoshop script) Layer Cake - Multiple Layer Offsetting.
NDO Painter Quixel $49/$89/$349 (educational, indie, commercial) Full featured toolkit for Normal maps. Convert, sculpt, combine, 3D preview. Windows/Mac, 32bit/64bit.
Normal Map Action Set Will "sinistergfx" Fuller Free Rotation and normalize actions for working with Normal maps.
NVIDIA Photoshop Normal Map Filter NVIDIA Free Convert a grayscale image into a Normal map or DuDvMap, many options available. Windows 32bit and 64bit.
Offset All Visible Layers PS7/CS/CS2 script Emrah BAŞKAYA Free Offset always halfway, regardless of your canvas resolution. Works on all visible layers at once. Works with layer masks too. Prompts if you want to rasterize Type, Color Fill, Paths, etc. before offsetting them.
PhilipsActions Philip 'PhilipK' Klevestav Free Five actions: Normal map overlay fix with the blue channel preserved, Normal map overlay fix with the blue channel killed, Flatten to new layer, Normalize, Sharpen. See the Polycount thread Material Tutorials: 8 Step By Step Tutorials and General Tips.
Perspective Tools Sergey 'kritskiy' Kritskiy Free A panel or set of scripts for making vanishing points and orthogonal projections. See the Polycount forum thread Perspective tools for Photoshop.
psMaskSync Chris 'passerby' Cunningham Free Syncs all Layerset masks which share the same name. Great for working with PBR materials, synchronizing all your Albedo, Roughness, and Metallic layers.
sdvOffset Stefan David Free Script that offsets the current layer 50%.
sdvTile Stefan David Free Script that expands the canvas 3x and repeats your texture across it.
Seamless Workshop Redfield Plugins Free Filter that fixes tiling errors by blending along the edges.
Solidify Flaming Pear Software Free Filters that fill the gutters between UVs (see Edge padding). It works on transparent pixels in the current Layer, so delete the gutters from the layer before running it. Also works best with hard-edged transparency.
Xnormal Photoshop filters Santiago 'jogshy' Orgaz Donationware Five filters: Dilation (see EdgePadding), Height2Normals (see NormalMap), Height2Occlusion (see AmbientOcclusionMap), Normalize normal map, Normals2Cavity.

Export Tools

Click the headers to sort:

Tool Author Formats
Adobe Generator for Photoshop CC Adobe GIF, JPG, PNG, SVG
BCM Panel Buliarca Cristian Marius PNG TGA TIF
d1v save archive Andrew "d1ver" Maximov JPG, TGA
Export scripts Mark Verkerk TGA
Export Textures for working with Unity Ash "GetUpKidAK" Kendall TGA
Expresso Texturing Tools, Polycount Forum thread Francesco "minifloppy" Camarlinghi JPG, PNG, PSD, TGA, TIF
JD Texture Exporter James Deschenes JPG, PNG, TDL, TGA, TIF
Lazy Save Travis "TooLzor" Evashkevich JPG, PNG, TGA, TIF
lcTextureSaver Leonardo "chronic" Covarrubias TGA
NS Photoshop Group Exporter Nicholas Silveira TGA
NVIDIA Photoshop DDS Export/Import NVIDIA DDS
Photoshop DDS Exporter Eric N. Evans DDS
qSave Ariel Chai BMP, DDS, PNG, TGA
Quick Save Maps Felix "FelixSchl" Schlitter CryTif, DDS, JPG, PNG, TGA
savePSD+TGA Chris "Funky Bunnies" Whitaker TGA
SlappyTGATools Stan "SlappyBag" Lindsey TGA
Texture Manager Ron Kamphuis BMP, JPG, PNG, TGA
vTools: Scripts for Photoshop James 'HarlequiN' Taylor TGA

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