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Tutorials for creating game textures.

Painting Realistic Textures

See also EnvironmentSculpting

Painting Stylistic Textures

Vig's Collection of Bookmarked Tutorials

Vig's Collection of Bookmarked Tutorials Polycount Forum thread

Metal and Hard Surface Hard Surface Materials (metal scratches and wear)

Neil Belvins Procedural Paint Chips Check out Neils other materials too, even tho its 3D he breaks them down in a way that makes sense for 2D.

How to Hand Paint Convincing Metal Textures

Creating metal Greeble from scratch

Flesh, Faces and Fur

Drawing Heads, some general guides

Painting a realistic face tutorial by George Patsouras

Furiae's Painting tutorials, Eyes, Lips, Hair, Noses, Skin Tone

Enayla Painting an eye

Hair and Fur Photoshop Bursh


Hand painted grass tutorial


Texture Painting - Michael Dashow and its that easy...

WIP - Old Fishing Bait Shop

Pixel Art

So You Want To Be A Pixel Artist? Oh you think pixel art is easy?

Handmade anti-aliasing Pixelart Tutorials A long forgotten tool.

Tips and Tricks

Tutorials - GFXartist.com Lots of tutorials and break downs of paintings.

pior oberson character artist its Pior foo, pay attention.

leigh van der byl Good to know general tips and tricks.

Honorible Death's Hard Light Tutorial Slime on a sphincter.

Digital Painting In PS #2 - ConceptArt.org Forums Read it, at least twice.

How To Draw Caricatures

Abstract Airbrushing Tutorial On TutorialMan.com

Watch Them Paint

Illustration Concept Art Tutorials - Carlos Cabrera

Painting Tutorials polycount A collection of videos

Massive Black DVD

Transport Design: Aerodeslizadores - Video - Sclipo Concepts a transport ship.

A list of artists and their sites from the EatPoo forums

Normal Maps

Normal Maps and How Not to Do Them

normalMapMiniTut.jpg (JPEG Image, 1280x4096 pixels)

Hand Made Normal Maps


Texturing Tutorial, by SweetnutZ

More Information

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