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About creating character concept art for games.

Character Design

Cool painting - Bad concept - What 3d artists are looking for in concept art on the Polycount Forums.

2dtut swizzle.png Winter Sonja - Proportion Research by Xavier 'Swizzle' Coelho-Kostolny

Painting Faces

2dtut babelab.png Babe Lab : Pinup Research & Development by Paul Richards and others

2dtut constructingthehumanhead.png Constructing the Human Head on Paper by Ron Lemen

2dtut lemenskintones.png Skin Tones Part 1 by Ron Lemen (Part 2)

2dtut bergkvistthoughtsonskintones.png Thoughts on Skin Tones by Linda "Enayla" Bergkvist

2dtut bergkvistpaintinganeye.png Painting an Eye by Linda "Enayla" Bergkvist

2dtut bergkvistnosetutorial.png Nose Tutorial by Linda "Enayla" Bergkvist

2dtut bergkvistliptutorial.png Lip Tutorial by Linda "Enayla" Bergkvist

2dtut ancientpigface.png Ancient-Pig's Photoshop Texture Painting Tutorial (PDF file) by Jon

Painting Hands

2dtut drawingthehumanhand.png Drawing the Human Hand by Ron Lemen

Painting Hair & Fur

2dtut thorgodofthunder.png Thor - God Of Thunder by Tyler Wilson

2dtut paultoscahair.png Varga Hair Tutorial by Paul Tosca

See also HairTechnique for hair modeling and painting techniques.

More Information

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