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Icon important.png This page is an archive. The information here is probably out of date or incorrect, and the links may not work. This archive is probably being kept for historical reasons. Please do not edit this page unless you know what you are doing.

Quake2 Tutorials

  • Custom VWep Tutorial by Nemesis - Shows the basics behind giving your model VWep support. If you want an instantly popular model, follow the steps within and watch the glory fall at your feet.
  • Doctor Doom's Fun with Skins by Doctor Doom - Dr. Doom has given us the basics of doing the skin mapping and painting for box of shotgun shells in NST and Paint Shop Pro. A must for anyone wanting to learn to do their own model's skins and mappings.
  • NST Tutorials - Instructs on the use of NPherno's Skin Tool. They are a little rough, but they should get you pointed in the right direction.
  • NST Tutorial by John Hsia - It's similar to the one above but he says it in a different way. So if others don't work for you, try this one.
  • NST Retro Mapping Tutorial by Space Dog - shows how to use the new function in NST .09b3. It basically allows you to redo an existing skin mapping layout and then suck the pixels off the old skins and into correct arrangement in the new mapping layout. A very useful tool for saving time and effort when you need to edit your model.
  • NPherno's GL Viewer Tutorial by Rogue13 - A Quick and dirty primer on using NPherno's GL Viewer.
  • Weapon Skin Linking by Rogue13 - If you're clueless to how to link your weapon model's skin or you're seeing the nasty nullskin warning, this is the place to go.

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